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Overdiagnosis’ implications in the clinical practice


Lifestyle interventions – EUROPREV & EQUIP


Simplified Lipid Guidelines

New cancer screenings and the risk of overdiagnosis 


Webinar 6 – Measuring prevention in your practice

Webinar 1 – PSA harms


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Webinar 5 – Asthma Right Care

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Webinar 2 – Stroke prevention in patients with atrial fibrillation


Webinar 1 – PSA harms

Evidence-Based Medicine an Emotions-Based Medicine by Dr. João Brandão

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Presentations in which we address issues of Family Medicine, prevention and health promotion.

Overdiagnosis among apparently healthy people using Big Data by Prof. Dr. John Brodersen

Tools to estimate the cardiovascular risk: are we overestimating the risk? by Prof. Dr. Carlos Brotons